Our Partners

Yeltana pride ourselves on ‘design, supply & installation’, with the largest range in South Australia external sun and weather protection, privacy screening and ventilation systems for both residential and commercial buildings.

Our focus is to provide the highest quality products, and innovation that delivers on the benefits of controlling your environment, whilst improving energy efficiency and quality of living and work environments for all to enjoy.

Our manufacturing partners are all world leading companies in sun and weather protection building products that have the technology and engineering for our Australian climate. These partners include:

All of these companies invest significant resources into research and development to ensure that we are able to deliver the authentic functional building features that will change the way we live and work.

The quality of the range of products engineering is guaranteed to deliver the connection of indoor and outdoor experience whilst maximising energy savings.


Louvretec premium range of shade and quality aluminium louvre systems allows you to enjoy the summer and winter, providing the protection from the elements, whilst bring the flawless connection between outdoors and indoors.

Louvretec stands by its statement and product range, “engineered for life”.

The engineered product range includes opening roofs, sun louvre systems, outdoor blinds, glass doors, retract systems, gates and shutters, privacy screens. These products are customised to add an attractive living spaces and sun and weather protection to your premises.

Louvretec creates a flow from indoors to outdoors adding aesthetic and functionality to your residential or commercial premises.



Markilux is not a market leader without reason. Architects and clients understand that Markilux as the experts of attractive fabric sun shading, blinds and awnings made in Germany for Australia.

The company brings two sets of skills to this task, on the one hand their technical understanding of design engineering, and on the other a highly developed knowledge of textile fabrics.
Markilux design and produce every part of our highly durable, light and creative frameworks and mechanisms in house – to measure, for your own personal place with a stunning range of individual Markilux fabric available to each client.

The best part Markilux delivers a German engineered product from measure and order delivered and installed within 6 -8 weeks ready for you to enjoy the outdoors with a retractable awning of your choose.



Renson is the European trendsetter in the field of natural ventilation, outdoor solar shading and outdoor products.

Sufficient natural light and ventilation in our homes and commercial buildings is essential to create a healthy living and working environment.
Renson product range delivers on all the building essentials, controlling the penetration of sunlight and shading systems, natural ventilation incorporated in the building and fixtures designs to maximize energy efficiency.

Renson manufacture high-grade products in ultramodern production facilities. All products are tested in the most extreme conditions until Renson arrives at a flawless end result, which enables them provide our customers with guaranteed optimal quality.



Corradi is an international recognized brand of outdoor furnishings, sails and pergotendas for outdoor spaces to be enjoyed all year round.

Corradi is an Italian specialist company that has transformed outdoor spaces throughout the world.

The product range of fabric retractable pergolas, awnings and sails is focused on functionality, technique and aesthetics, for residential or large retail, hospitality and restaurant facilities, creating a Mediterranean atmosphere.



Australia's Leading Manufacturer of External Venetian Blinds, for Residential, Commercial and Architectural projects.

Evaya understands the benefit and importance of external shading, with the awareness and focus of the environment and our surrounds.

Evaya have incorporated European technology within the companies manufacturing systems as a specialist in high quality external venetian blinds is to protect the glare and heat from entering the building, whilst trapping in the warmth during winter.

Architects and consumers are becoming more aware of the impact we have on the environment, and have a greater appreciation of the importance and benefits of external shading.

High grade styled exterior venetian blind systems are a highly effective sun and privacy screen solution, ensuring optimal results for the look, functionality whilst providing energy savings and privacy for your residential home or commercial premises.



Somfy is reknown as world leaders in automation system technology, innovation and manufacturing.

The products delivered under a Somfy brand adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home, office, retail, hospitality, education or commercial premises.

Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) is the exclusive Somfy platform to enjoy and maximise the benefits of your sun and weather protection products. In a touch on your app, all your Somfy motorised solutions are in one place, allowing you to opening and close them all with just one touch.

RTS allows users to enter a world of solutions designed to create ambiance and bring designs to life to provide the ultimate combination of luxury and performance effortlessly. RTS is offered with a variety of control options such as hand-held remotes, wireless wall switches, table top controls, mobile device control, timers and sensor.


Vogue Pergolas

Vogue Pergolas is a family based Australian company that has won prestigious national awards for innovation and patented designs.

With an eco-friendly perspective in mind and a design features to maintain heating and cooling energy throughout the home.

Vogue Pergolas premium product range consist of a solid steel framework with a Dulux powder coating finish. Featuring a waterproof, UZ and fire resistant cover.

Vogue Pergolas' combination of, innovative engineering, cantilever design and excellent customer service and touch of style, ensures that there products stand apart from the rest!


Revolution Roofing

Revolution Roofing, continues to lead the way in the manufacture of steel and innovative building products in Australia.

Revolution Roofing has a flagship of domestic and commercial products which include the Victory Home Improvement Range, True Oak superior corrugated iron, stylish Maxline and Euor Plus cladding series of products and Polypu roofing.

As a tier 1 installer, Yeltana has built a successful partnership with Revolution Roofing, in the design and installation of commercial projects in South Australia.RevolutPartImg001

Pergolas of Distinction

As family business Pergolas of Distinction has built an industry reputation over 25 years with a focus of design, supply and installation across the state, as a one stop shop that will change the way you live and entertain.

Pergolas of Distinction is committed with the largest market leading range of sun and weather building protection products in South Australia that meet the needs of our harsh climate.

The company was originally a timber and steel pergola business, however has evolved as an industry specialist in providing the connection with indoor and outdoor entertainment and living solutions for all seasons.