About Us

YELTANA relates to the Whyte family property name, owned and occupied for five generations in Kimba in South Australia from the early nineteen hundreds until early in the twenty first century.

The family heritage and association with the name YELTANA is held with pride within the Whyte family as the word “YELTANA” (pronounced YELTANNA) originated from Indigenous Australia dialect meaning a cool resting place under a shady tree.

The association with a cool resting place under a shady tree was evidence with the large water mallee and oak trees across the creek beds and landscape of YELTANA Property.

The origin of the word YELTANA directly aligns with the architectural building company brand and image, which strives to provide architectural sun and weather products that manage and improve the building live ability, just like a large shady trees on the YELTANA property.

YELTANA has meaning to the future direction of fifth generation sons, Jeremy and Hamish Whyte along with their father Martin, in the establishment of a building company that specialises in designing supplying and installing - architectural sun and weather building products that control the environment in which we live.

Jeremy and Hamish’s grandfather Arthur Whyte’s established a respectful working relationship with regional indigenous families developed as a young boy and carried the association throughout his entire lifetime in appreciating the survival skills and livestock management in the outback.

The association with the name YELTANA has meaning for every generation of the Whyte family, having lived and worked the farming and pastoral property which adjoins the farming lands of Northern Eyre Peninsula to the historic outback of the Gawler Ranges.

Yeltana Painted Picture